For Wednesday Night

Last night we all met to iron out the details for our mini-lessons and what parts of the website we are sharing in detail, etc. Here’s how we broke it down. Please correct me if I missed something.

Book Intro:
Author Background – Kim
Setting (time) – Sarah
Overview of Plot – Jon
Main Characters – Katie

Website Introduction:
Katie will show everyone the website in the order it appears on the web. When she reaches these sections, we will give an in depth description of them.
Discussion Questions – Jon
Novel Trailer – Kim
Sound Track – Sarah

Pre-Reading Activity:
Word bank intro – Jon
Introduce assignment – Kim
Model activity – All
Facilitate sharing of writing – Katie
Discuss possible common themes of the book based on writing – Sarah
Lesson plan – Kim                      Handout – Sarah

Mini Lecture
Epistolary novel introduction – Kim
Discussion Questions – Sarah
Introduce activity – Katie
Read Passage – Jon
Lesson Plan – Sarah            Handout – Jon

I’m pretty sure that’s it guys.

I’ll have the lesson plan for the pre-reading emailed to you all before 1. Hopefully sooner. We’re gonna do great!!

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2 Responses to For Wednesday Night

  1. Jon Naskrent says:

    Looks good. I’ll have the Handout for the mini-lecture done soon before class.

  2. zxxkimxxz says:

    So, I just realized the four songs I added to our playlist did not save. My book trailer is up. I’m going to try and re-do the songs, even if it’s just getting the names up real quick.

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