Alright, so here’s what up.

By Wednesday, December 3rd, we all need to do the following:

  • Five vocabulary words each
  • Two Final book projects each. One of these needs a rubric or scoring guide.
  • Three to Five songs each for the sound track. We should decide how we want to present our songs. Will we link to youtube? Just name the songs? Each song should have a background for your choice of the song and artist.
  • We need to figure out how to tackle the rest of the discussion questions and their corresponding activities.
  • We need to have an instructor’s guide containing answers or possible answers for the questions that apply. Dr. Buchanan suggested creating a google doc so we could supply answers to questions we created. If anyone is good with google docs, feel free to set one up, otherwise I’ll try to figure it out this weekend.
  • Then the links. Jon agreed to do the book talk, Sarah’s going to do the passage read, I agreed to do the book trailer, so Katie is stuck with the book synopsis unless she really wants to trade me.

I’m pretty sure that’s everything. If you guys have questions or need help, we can get a hold of each other here. Enjoy fall break everybody!

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  1. Jon Naskrent says:

    We can just use the playlist they give us in the book, right? That seems easiest.

    • Jon Naskrent says:

      Yeah, I’m just gonna go ahead and put up the mix tape on page 61. Let me know if you disagree with this decision.

      • Jon Naskrent says:

        OK. Sorry to keep spamming. I was on a bit of a roll so I just went ahead and knocked out all of the critical synthesis questions. I put the theory behind each question in parenthesis which we can delete before the site is live. I’m a bit lost on these interpretive community questions though, so I figure we can talk about those Wednesday. Also rather than using google docs I figured we could just do the instructor’s guide together Wednesday, as many of these questions will be directed towards a group, and having our combined answers is much more efficient live than via the internet.

        I’ll have my book talk up tomorrow before class.

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