Splitting up the work

Alright guys, we really need to have something completed for the History, Connections, and Discussion Questions sections of our website. I’d really like to do the history portion. If you guys could split up the other sections tonight so that we have something for tomorrow. If someone else really wants the history portion, I can trade them. Let me know what’s up!

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5 Responses to Splitting up the work

  1. sdlambach says:

    Hey everyone. I’m going to start by finding some connections and writing pre-reading questions.


  2. kmoleson says:

    I will do Reader-Response questions and maybe a few of the Critical Synthesis questions.


  3. Jon Naskrent says:

    I’m knocking out some character sketches. We can flesh them out and make them more in-depth later, but they’ll be a good starting point.

  4. sdlambach says:

    For some reason Weebly keeps freezing up on me. I don’t know if it’s because other people are on it or my connection is crap. Either way, I might not have as much done as previously planned as a result. I did get a start on connections however.

    • zxxkimxxz says:

      It was freezing on me all day too. I’m sure what you have up for now will be fine. We may want to plan on working on the writing in word or something, then copying it over, just so that the freezing isn’t holding us up as much in the future.

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