Well guys, I think we are officially finished! I went through and made some changes and added a few things. I also checked the page for grammar errors and what not. I added a bit more to the homepage as well. I’m going to go through and make sure all of our pages match too (headings, font size/style, etc).

Other than that we are done. I will e-mail Dr. Buchanan our link now and attach you all in the e-mail as well. You can still make some minor changes if you would like after we send the e-mail so don’t worry!

Also don’t forget to bring your rationale today for the unit! See you at 3:00 🙂

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One Response to DONE!

  1. jpeschang says:

    Thanks Kylee. I’m leaving for that wretched town in a few minutes. See all in a bit.

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