Vocabulary Activities

Hey guys!!
I was thinking about adding a couple activities on the vocabulary page to engaged students! I saw this on one of the example novel web page. Here is what I was thinking

A word wall- students will be required to write down interesting words as the read their required sections. Each week students will get into groups, compare words, and choose one word. From there, on a blank sheet of printing paper, students will define the word, and then illustrate the word. As a class, we will share the words, and then each group will have to share a sentence using each groups vocabulary word. The posters the students drew will be posted on the “Word Wall” each week.

Vocabulary trees- Each week, students will be assigned a list of vocabulary words to define. For some of the words, students will be required to complete vocabulary trees. Students will write the word at the trunk of the tree, and the definition. Students will then define the root of that word. From there, students will have to think of and define other words with the same root and use it in a sentence.

What do you think? I could get a template for the vocab tree too!

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3 Responses to Vocabulary Activities

  1. angelsamata says:

    That’s, i like the template too and that could work for your handout nicely. I added my discussion question activities too. I am using the THINK-PAIR-SHARE template for my handout. You can see it on the handout page. When we meet later i can show you how to add it!

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