I wasn’t sure where we wanted to put the book talk, trailer, etc. I put a heading on the links page where we can assemble that part of the project.

For handout placement, I’m going to put mine just below my project explanation, accessible as a document. What is everyone’s thought on that?

Everything looks very nice I think. Alexis, nice job on the connections page.

If someone gets a chance, I would appreciate some feedback on my handout and rubric for the nickname project. I haven’t made many handouts or rubrics yet.

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3 Responses to Setup

  1. kaybeepee90 says:

    Hey Josh! The placement of the video is right, I went ahead and formatted it to show the video not just the link. Mine and yours are the only videos up right now. Your rubric looks great! You’re a pro šŸ˜‰ The information on your handout is great, but maybe put it on the website as a file that way people can actually download it and use it. That way you can format it and what not the way that you feel best. That’s just a suggestion though! Awesome job!

  2. kaybeepee90 says:

    lol just ignore that comment…. i’m an idiot.

  3. mekellysite says:

    I agree Alexis the connections page looks good! and josh your work looks might good too.. It’s like you could be a teacher

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