Hello group members!

So I just posted my book trailer. With that being done… I think I am about done. I think we are all close to be done, too. I think we just need a few more discussion questions correct?? If we have all posted and we are still short, I will add some more later just to give anyone time who still needs some time to put theirs up. other than that I think we’re almost there! I’ll keep checking wordpress tonight so if anyone needs me just post on here and i’ll find it. The website looks good everyone!!


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One Response to Done??

  1. jpeschang says:

    I posted another critical synthesis, so I believe that should do it for that part. We just need a couple more interpretive community I think. I just realized that I thought I had fixed my booktalk mishap but I hadn’t. Got to do that and finish rationale. Other than that I think I’m good. I’ll check back later or tomorrow early and add questions if we haven’t yet done so. Also, we might want to provide some instructor answers for the interpretive community if necessary.

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