Here is the list of vocabulary words I found from the novel. I know I am going to narrow the list down, but if you want, review the words, and if there are any that you want me to include in the final list, let me know! Also, could you post the slang and supernatural words you guys found? Thanks!

P.1 incandescent Debutantes Speak easy P.2 Flapper Fez P.4 intonation P.9 dilapidated Contemptuously Harbinger Emanates P.13 gloating P.14 inconsequential P.15 quaint P.20 admonishment P.21 pariah Canonize P.22 Benediction P.30 filigreed P.31 unchivalrous P.32 smiting Begeting P.33 coyly P.34 dirigible P.36 facade P.37 ornate P.39 besotted P.45 plethora P.47 tedium P.48 stoic P.49 nautical P.53 copacetic P.58 devoid P.68 squalid P.69 macabre P.75 bootlegging P.79 spectral Awestruck P.80 balked P.89 jaunt P.101 surreptitiously P.105 undulating P.106 occult P.112 tirades P.118 relish P.119 heathen Attaché P121 extricated Edict P.123 pique P.125 benevolent P.126 entombing Phosphorescence P.127 divulge P.132 imperious P.147 egregiously P.164 pretentious P.178 succumbed P.181 bigotry P.189 palpable P.197 bucolic P.202 sordid P.203 convivial P.214 inculpatus P.219 rhapsodize P.222 chide P.230 opiate P.235 decrepit P.236 fifolet P.242 demeanor Esoteric Clamor P.243 revulsion P.244 torpor P.249 bourgeois P.251 deigning P.260 gyrating P.262 hokum P.263 caromed P.269 melee P.272 moxie P.276 edifice Consternation P.277 eradicate P.278 resonant P.279 hauteur P.282 amoral P.284 sanctimonious P.289 expulsion Imminent P.292 atonement P.294 privy P.296 cavorting P.299 phalanx P.301 indignant P.313 jovial P.322 eliciting P.345 charlatan P.346 portents P.347 egotistical P.348 resurgence P.351 cynical P.353 careened P.354 blithely P.356 labyrinthine P.364 serrated Decimating P.365 imbued P.372 reverberating P.373 cadence P.380 ritziest Coif P.383 tableau P.400 comeuppance P.404 inconsequential P.408 mantra Corporeal P.415 pastiche P.421 perpetual Eccentric Impertinence P.422 wryly P.424 debauched P.427 frivolous P.442 diabolical Insolent P.443 vehemently P.444 flummoxed P.448 thwarted P.457 seismic P.463 futile P.464 quaintness P.477 dubious P.481 unassailable P.489 irrefutable P.490 vanquished Relinquish P.495 contrite P.497 riffraff P.516 preposterous P.536 contorted P.537 arbitrariness P.538 cacophony P.549 cloistered P.558 exuberance P.564 imperceptibly P.572 preordained P.573 ensconced Ominous P.575 crenulated

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One Response to Vocabulary

  1. angelsamata says:

    Teutonic -122
    Tarot cards
    Ouija board
    Antecedent aSs

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