Hey guys!

I just did some work on the websi pte. I added what discussion questions, my book projects, and cleaned up the cosmetics of some of the pages. We need to figure out exactly who needs to do what for some of the sections.

Josh has already done a book talk video. So, that leaves the p\assage reading, book trailer and book synopsis videos left to be made. If it’s okay with everyone, I can go ahead and do the passage read video. I have a lot of good choices I can run by you guys tomorrow. If someone else would like to do that instead, please let me know! I will gladly switch, no worries.

We need to finish up our first page. I need some help posting the state standards guys! I have added some that go with my projects and the mini lecture. Meg, you can add the one that went along with our pre-reading activity. Everyone else can just add ones that correlate with their projects/assessments.

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One Response to Update

  1. mekellysite says:

    I will add my state standard from the mini-lesson right now and find some more that correlate with my book projects. Today we will decide which video I will do and which video Alexis will do

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