Prereading Activity

I am torn between two prereading activities! Review them both and let me know which one you think would work better for this lesson!

1. As I mentioned before, the first activity I was considering is titles “Easy as 1,2,3”. This activity will introduce the students to The Diviners, and because this activity is based only on predictions, students will be more likely to keep reading to figure what really happens in the novel.

First, I will show students the title of the book. This will encourage students to tap into prior knowledge and begin making predictions. Because “The Diviners” does not offer much students will need to tap into prior knowledge and remember what divine means. Divine means to be like a god, and to be like a god means to possess god-like powers. To get students minds working I would ask them to explain what a god-like power is. Students will then need to recognize that the “The Diviners” is plural, so that will help them predict that the novel is about several individuals who possess god-like powers. I will allow students to work in small groups, and then come together and discuss the different predictions as a class.

Second, I will show the students a series of pictures relating to the novel. This will add a visual element to the activity, and students will then need to revise their previous predictions about the novel made from the title. I would include some type of supernatural being, a murder scene, the city and several other images. Although the images do not directly correspond to the novel, the pictures capture the mood of the novel and the themes. Based off the pictures, students may want to revise their predictions about the novel. Students will work in groups, and then we will discuss the revised predictions as a class.

Third, I will ask students a series of questions that relate to the novel. This will allow students to make connections between the questions, their personal lives, and the novel. I will ask questions such as “What does the term supernatural mean to you?” (the supernatural is a major theme in the novel), “If you could possess any superpower what would it be and why?” (again, the supernatural theme), “Did you ever have to move from one place to another? What was the best part about moving? What was the most difficult?” (Evie had to move), and I will think of other questions. After the set of questions, students may want to revise their prediction of the novel again. Students will discuss in groups, and then we will discuss as a class.

2. The second activity is titled “Applying Setting to Your Own Character”. The major theme of the novel is supernatural, and the power Evie posses is being able to see into someones life based off an important item belonging to that individual. This activity will acknowledge students about Evie’s character. The activity will require students to list four items that have some meaning to them. Then students will need to write down the significance of those items and why they are important, and what these important items might say about that student to others. Students will then get paired up and share the items they chose, from there the students partner will interpret the significance of these items and what those items say about the other student.

The more I think about it, the first activity would work better because I feel like the second activity is stretching to make a connection with the novel, where the first activity directly relates to the theme of the novel. What do you guys think?!

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8 Responses to Prereading Activity

  1. csblair2013 says:

    Number one does sound good, but I was planning on having a slide in my powerpoint with a few pictures to kind give an idea of what’s going on in the book. I just have this evil-looking pentagram picture, a picture of a comet, and this picture that defines the word sacrifice. That ok with you?

    • Yes, that would be fine!
      How much information are you giving about the book? Do you have a written outline or something I can read so I can make sure to choose images that are not mentioned in your lecture? I really like the idea about the picture about the comet, and I might steal it for my activity depending on how much in depth you explain these images, if that is okay with you!! Haha

  2. csblair2013 says:

    I’m only giving a brief intro to the book:
    The Diviners takes place in Manhttan in the 1920s. Evie O’Neil is forced to live with her uncle in Manhattan after causing a commotion in her old town in Ohio. Being the fun-loving flapper she is, Evie views her punishment as an adventure since Manhattan was a major upgrade from her old town in her eyes. Just as Evie begins to enjoy the partying lifestyle Manhattan has to offer, the good times are cut short when a gruesome series of murders start to happen. Could Evie’s secret play a role in solving the mystery? Furthermore, could there be others in the city that have a secret similar to hers?

  3. csblair2013 says:

    If you want, I can email you the powerpoint so you can take a look at it

    • Okay my pre-reading activity sounds like it basically is going to correspond with your introduction. Maybe I could present the activity first and then you and Angel could present? Unless there has to be a specific order. If you go first, that would be okay, but everyone will be able to basically predict everything because of your lecture. We can just figure it out before class tomorrow!!

    • What are you saying about the comet?

  4. csblair2013 says:

    I’m not really saying anything about the images, just that they are important to the novel

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