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Hey guys! I went through the website like 5 times just to make sure everthong was good and tweaked and added a fwe things to pages like titles and making sure all the pages were copesetic. And chad I added … Continue reading

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Well guys, I think we are officially finished! I went through and made some changes and added a few things. I also checked the page for grammar errors and what not. I added a bit more to the homepage as … Continue reading

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I added a study guide for the Interpretive Community section, it’s all the way at the bottom of the questions page. Look it over and change what you like. Also numbered the questions. Should be it.

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Another Update!

Hey guys! My book review is FINALLY up…it took forever to upload on YouTube. I think everything looks great! I published the website, but make sure you each review the website just in case I missed anything. Great work guys!

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discussion questions

I added three more interpretive community questions. If anyone thinks those need instructor guides they can add those

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Hello group members! So I just posted my book trailer. With that being doneā€¦ I think I am about done. I think we are all close to be done, too. I think we just need a few more discussion questions … Continue reading

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Website Updates

I added book reviews to the home page right underneath the “But the Book” button. I thought the page looked a little bare. I also added the Common Core Standards Chad, could you re-add the unit outline please?

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