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Hey gang,

What was that awesome idea you had for the in-class activity Nuri? Handing out random photos of celebrities that students have to pretend what they would do if they were that person? We want to make this a writing activity right? The celebrities/icons/leaders I was thinking of just off the top of my head were: President Barack Obama, Jennifer Lawrence, Oprah, Miley Cyrus, Emma Watson, James Franco, Tim Tebow, Ellen Degeneres? Suggestions? I thought I could print photos here or in the photo lab, so they are in color!


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2 Responses to Remind Me

  1. ndervishi says:

    I was thinking of people of different more diverse realms. People that the student wont normally connect with because we want the students the think outside the box. Anne Frank, An hungry child from Africa, a prisoner with a life sentence, an abused woman, a depressed teenager, a gay student. This should be a writing assignment. They don’t even need to be photos just like on a piece of paper have make it up. For example)

    Jane Vincer
    She is 21
    Dealing with depression because she is unhappy with her weight.

    John Deer
    He is 21
    He identifies himself as a homosexual, but his parents are against his choice.

    Or you can do the celebrities but it needs to celebrities with substance. Miley Cryus works, Obama, Queen Elizabeth.

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