Hey all, I am asking you where do you want to put all our videos. Do we make a new lab labeled videos? Like I told all of you I am done making the book reviews and maybe before I publish on the website you guys can take a look at it!

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  1. pehenninger says:

    I just texted you about it. I know you said you were decreasing your use of social networks for a I wasn’t sure if that included texting! hah but maybe it was just me, but your video seemed more like a book talk than a review? This is just based on the other videos I watched from past websites. I was supposed to do book talk, but I don’t want us to have videos that appear the same. Let me know if you agree, or not!

    • ndervishi says:

      Oh shoot, I guess you’re right. Do you just want to do the book review? I am sorry, I thought it was a book review. But you’re right its more a book talk.

      • pehenninger says:

        It’s no problem at all! I don’t mind doing a book review. Your video works perfectly as a book talk, so we’re good!

  2. pehenninger says:

    Oh, and I think it’s fine under the links page. That’s where others have their videos as well.

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