Recap of Tuesday

Josh, on Tuesday Alexis, Meg and I got the pre-reading activity completely planned out. We are going to start with a discussion activity then have them move along into an “Article Scavenger Hunt.” We are using a different kind of discussion approach, which involves them actually getting up and moving around a bit. We also get to use the giant post-it notes (be excited).

Tonight, Meg, Alexis and I are meeting after my 439 class to get all the materials together for the presentation and plan out the mini lecture. We know what we are doing, so this  If there is anything you would like for us to print, then email it and we can do that this evening.

That should have brought you up to date on everything that you missed yesterday. Email if you have any questions

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One Response to Recap of Tuesday

  1. jpeschang says:

    Sounds great! I’m full up to my ears in Haiti knowledge and book talk. In about five minutes I am going to email a copy of the book talk text (doing video this afternoon or tonight, depends on me sneaking out of work), and the PowerPoint I plan on using. The book talk and PowerPoint should take over ten minutes, which will shorten the time for the website intro, which is in line with what Dr. Buchanan said (I’m remembering right?), that since we haven’t had as much time, shouldn’t be as much on the website. We have done a good job though (I think) of loading the site up thus far, so I don’t see a problem finding things to talk about. I’ll probably focus on the vocabulary page and probably the discussion questions. Let me know what you think.

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