Hey so I have an idea for a project. Since one of the main activities in the novel is going to the clubs and dancing the night away, what if students who were reading this novel had a project where they had to film kind of a short film that displayed the elements of  the night life as described in the novel? I also had another idea. What if groups filmed there own Paranormal Activity-like film where one student was put under like Evie and started rambling about someone’s past while holding an object of theirs? What do you ladies think?

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  1. Hahahaha yes that would be funny!

    The first project I was thinking about was the split open mind, where students will chose a character and draw images that symbolically represent the character at the beginning of the novel and at the end of the novel. For example, a student could chose Jericho. On the left side of the template, students could draw symbols that represent how he is shy and secluded, and comes off cold. So a student could draw a book, because instead of going out with friends he chooses to keep to himself and read, or a turtle hiding in a shell to represent he is shy, or a chains and a lock to represent that he does not want to open up to anyone. As the novel nears the end, Jericho begins opening up. So on the right side of the template students could draw a lion to represent that he has become more confident, or they could draw a heart to represent the feelings he has developed for Evie, or even a robot to represent that he is not 100% human and he is an experiment.

    The second project I was thinking about was making a reality television show, like Jerry Springer or The Real World (the students would have to make theirs classroom appropriate of course). But students could be put into groups, and make a short episode of a known reality television show. For example, if the students chose Jerry Springer, one student could play Evie, and she came to Jerry to let her best friend Mabel know that she kissed the man, Jericho, that she is in love with. Evie would let Jerry Springer know, and Mabel would be backstage listening to everything. Jericho would make an appearance letting Mabel know he never loved her and never will, and Sam can make an appearance as well, admitting his love to Evie. Students would be required to dress like their character, and act the way their character does in the novel. Evie’s dialogue would require a lot of slang, where Jericho’s dialogue would be perfect English.

    Just some ideas!

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