Check Up

Josh, the vocab section is huuuuuge! I’m not exactly sure how many words Dr. Buchanan wants us to have, but I will find out tomorrow. Tonight I will spend some time fixing the cosmetics of the website, adding some definitions to the vocab words and what not.

I like Josh’s idea of separating the words too, so I may begin working on that as well. Josh, are you good with your portion of the presentation for Thursday? I’m assuming tomorrow Alexis, Meg and I will begin to formulate the lecture and get the materials for the pre-reading activity all ready.

I think we are good on time though. We can meet again on Wednesday evening to rehearse the plan all together and just go over it! I’m excited! See you tomorrow! πŸ™‚

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3 Responses to Check Up

  1. jpeschang says:

    Yes I know the list is ridiculous, but I didn’t see any reason to leave any out to begin with. We can trim the list from here. Book talk is going fine, gonna film it tonight or tomorrow, should be 4-6 minutes. Gonna introduce Haiti to begin class, a little background on earthquake and slave revolt (possibly in a power point haven’t decided yet). Then I’ll go into the book and how it blends these two into one narrative. Show the book talk here. After that, I’ll go over what we have on the website, which (as Dr. Buchanan said) won’t be much (but we do have quite a bit already and it looks great! I’m adding to it right now). I’ll visit some of the links and go through the pages. I hope I covered everything, let me know if I’ve left anything out or if something needs to be added/altered. Let me know if you can what is planned for activity so I can be prepared.

  2. kaybeepee90 says:

    We talked to Dr. Buchanan about the vocab section and she said that the amount was fine, but that we didn’t need to necessarily define them all. We can put something on the top like “We have compiled a list and began defining them…” We can’t do allll the work for them πŸ˜‰ haha!

  3. jpeschang says:

    Perfect. I will try and clean it up a bit tonight.

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