Website Update

Hey 🙂

I went ahead and started the history page, I put a little information about the author. I sent our gmail a link of what I wrote in my gmail account about it, for two reasons one in case for whatever reason it doesn’t save on the site and two so you all can see it, edit it and then I can go back and change it so we all don’t have to known when the other one changes something for this part 🙂  Oh my only concern is the picture I posted is huge! I’m wondering if there’s a setting or something to make it a bit smaller…because I’m worried about fitting other history there.

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3 Responses to Website Update

  1. pehenninger says:

    I think you can change the size…I did for the vocal photo. They have a crop tool.

  2. jmbmustang94 says:

    Ohh I’ll have to look and see what I can do then thanks Paige 😀

  3. ndervishi says:

    Ben, I will take a look at how to adjust the picture. And I will get back to you on it!

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