Sorry I wasn’t able to be there on Tuesday! I had unforeseen problems come up this weekend that put a damper on most of my week. I have been thinking of some things that we could for the pre-reading activity. Since it has to take up a pretty big chunk of time I think that we should do something hands-on rather than discussion based. Since we will only have 7 peers to work with, it may be best to do a vocabulary activity. For the mini lecture, I am completely open to some ideas. Obviously there are tons of things to focus on, but we have to make sure it is effective and fun at the same time 🙂

According to the syllabus, you went over some discussion questions. I have some written down in my notebook so I can share them with you tomorrow. Are we still on with Josh taking over the beginning and Meg, Alexis and me splitting up the other two sections?


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2 Responses to Tuesday

  1. lexii0023 says:

    I think a vocab activity could be fun and interesting! Today we will be going over discussion questions in groups, so you didn’t miss that. From what I know the plans with Josh taking over the beginning and us doing the rest, is still the plan. See you in class!

  2. jpeschang says:

    I concur. The book talk will now be shown on video (I think it’s just easier for me to do that then show it in class, same result), and the website part will obviously not dive too deep into the site as we won’t have much done by time of presentation. This part will instead be filled with culling over some websites we’ve found that relate to the book and going into a bit more detail on the author. Probably watch that video I posted too, it works too well with the book and website not to (correct me if I’m wrong).

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