Just a Thought…

I was just thinking that we should post on here when any of us start working on a new section of the website. This way, we don’t mess with a section when one of us is currently working on it. Sound good?


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WHS English Teacher. Twenty-three. Book lover.
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3 Responses to Just a Thought…

  1. jmbmustang94 says:

    speaking of which….I went ahead and put a page for each section we need for the website 🙂 So that way we all know what we have to do and do have to make them as we go we can just add to them 🙂

    • pehenninger says:

      Awesome! Sounds great! I already found a ton of vocabulary words from the text that we could use…now the problem is, I think I found too many! hah! But I will get started on that tonight, or tomorrow morning.

  2. jmbmustang94 says:

    dont have to not do hehe whoops 🙂

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