I wanted to figure out what connections we can make, I mentioned in class the ghost idea from the show, “Danny Phantom”. This is where a boy is half ghost half human and he is able to take over peoples bodies and control them, not exactly like “A” but similar enough. Another I was just thinking of is this movie..which I can’t think of the name of…but the main character is a time traveler and he can go back to when he was younger or in the future or what is supposed to the present time…but his wife doesn’t know when he will leave, neither does he, it just happens. I think it’s similar to how “A” and Rhiannon, how she doesn’t know who “A” will be but it just keeps happening. Any other ideas, I’m a little lost to what kind of connections we need to make! Grr…..


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  1. pehenninger says:

    I totally forgot about Danny Phantom…haha. And were you talking about the Time Travelers Wife? It’s a book and a movie. I think that’s a good connection…this is complicated. But those are a start if that’s the direction we are heading in.

    • Another ‘connection’ would be the philosophical question of Mind v. Matter, which is treated rather ambivalently. ‘A’ can make the body he’s in do what he wants, but several times (junky, Kelsea the Suicidal, Mean Girl) he talks of either the body controlling his moves or even the mind he’s in controlling his mood. I think it’d be useless to try and pinpoint all the instances this comes up in literature/culture, so I think we can just have a section dealing with Descartes’ ideas on the subject, a few other philosophers?

      The movie “Ghost”, with Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg? I think that’s another one.

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