I am so angry at the end of this book I don’t even want to eat.  How can a book be  so entertaining and deep and have me connect with it on levels I never knew existed and then just FLUSH IT at the end?  Oh, man, I don’t like this book right now. I don’t like the author, and I think A is a cowardly P.O.S. who deserves an unmarked grave.   Anyone want to help me out?  Is it because I’m a guy?  I mean, run WHERE??!?!?!

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3 Responses to Run WHERE??

  1. pehenninger says:

    Okay, I do agree it was an amazing book! I LOVED it…the ending was strange. I cannot say that I hated it. What I think the author meant by run was A had to keep doing what he/she has always done. Jumping from body to body, and making certain that he does not do anything to change the person. That is A’s life…experiencing through others lives, but not taking them. A has to run from the temptation that the soul in the minister was offering. He wanted to take a body, to make it his own, so he could be with Rhiannon. However, he knew it was not right or fair. So he had to escape from that thought. BUT I do think it was weird that he found a person that he would like to be if he did have a permanent body, and got it for Rhiannon in a way…

  2. ndervishi says:

    I, like you and Paige, felt the same way. The book had my crying at some points and highlighting all over the place for life quotes. What I thought the author meant by “run” was no matter what he will always be a drifter. That was A’s life, never to really stay attached to one body. Never really living for himself or herself (pro nouns for this character haha). I thought it was kinda sweet that he kinda went out of his way for Rhiannon, but I wanted MORE from the ending. I wanted to close this book thinking, damn what a book.

  3. pehenninger says:

    I do agree I wanted more…I actually wasn’t prepared for it to end. I was like, “Wait, what? It’s over?” I feel like we got cut off quickly. Instead, I felt as you did Nuri, left wanting more of an explanation and closure. Damn you David Levithan!

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