Group Members

  • Ben Borhart
  • Jenn Brenner
  • Nurie Dervishi
  • Paige Henninger

About Rebekah Buchanan

writer, researcher, teacher.
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2 Responses to Group Members

  1. ndervishi says:

    Hello Ben, Paige, and Jen! I have already started some parts for our Web page. I am in the process of doing a book trailer.

  2. Hi Nuri, you might want to make this a post instead of a response.That way, you can easily follow the conversation. To create a post, go to post and click new post. Then, in the categories section on the right you want to click the box “Every Day” so that the post falls into this section. Make sure you give the post a title so it’s easy to follow. If you make the post but don’t get the category right, I can change it on my end, so don’t worry. I just can’t make a response a post, so you need to do that.

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