Character Sketches

Character Sketch

Titus- Born in an upper middle class family, Titus is a teenage boy who is content with the consumerist lifestyle that comes from living with an implanted “feed” in his brain. On a spring break vacation with his friends he falls in love with Violet. Over the course of the novel he helps Violet resist the feed, but eventually veers away from both Violet and the resistance of the feed due to peer pressure.

Violet- Meets Titus and his friends when she went alone on spring break vacation. She quickly falls for Titus and slowly lets him into her home-schooled, slightly old fashioned world. Violet’s feed was not implanted at birth like most children, so the repercussions of installing it later in her childhood develop serious problems for her. Violet pushes to experiment with resisting the feed which in turn backfires on when  the corporate companies that support the feed refuse to support her feed malfunction.

Calista- The ring leader of the group of girls. She is dating Link for most of the novel. She was the first to get “cosmetic” lesions. Calista was always the one who began new trends and fashions in her group. She is confrontational, loud, and outspoken. She instigates a major fight with Violet that causes Violet to feel unwelcome and leave the group.

Loga- The only one of Titus’ circle of friends who was not hacked at the Rumble Spot by the Hacker. This separates her from her friends for a large portion of the novel because she didn’t experience what they had. Loga and Titus have dated in the past. Their relationship had ended by the beginning of the book, but they remained close friends.

Quendy- Tends to be the follower of the group, especially when it comes to mimicking Calista. She gets jealous easily and is often competing with Calista for Link’s attention. After Calista gets cosmetic lesions, Quendy takes the trend to the next level and has lesions cut all over her body in an act of competition. The lesions were cuts on her bodies that were transparent through her flesh. At the end of the novel, Titus and Quendy start dating.

Link- One of Titus’ friends who is the wealthiest friend in that group. He is said to be quite unattractive and somewhat awkward, but Calista and Quendy spend most of the novel vying for his attention. Link is said to look exactly like Abraham Lincoln

Marty-Another friend of Titus’ who is known for being good at any game he attempts. He is also known for being loud and obnoxious. At the end of the novel, Marty purchases the “Nike speech tattoo,” which causes him to insert the word “Nike” into all of his sentences. He finds this to be extremely entertaining.

Violet’s Dad- Just like Violet, her father also has a different kind of feed, referred to as “Feedpack”. His feed is not directly implanted inside of him, instead he carries a backpack that turns him into a hunchback, and uses glasses to see the feed. He is also a college professor who is very passionate about dead programming languages, which causes him to use words most of the characters are unfamiliar with and often frustrates those trying to communicate with him. Violet’s father is not as wealthy as Titus’ parents. Because he saved up for quite some time he was able to afford to send Violet to the moon, but he was unable to afford the cost of visiting her when her feed was hacked.

Titus’ Parents-Very supportive of the consumerism lifestyle. They tend to give Titus everything he wants to ensure his happiness and keep him healthy and involved in the feed.


1.)    Why do you think the lesions were turned into a fashion trend? Should Calista have gotten her cosmetic lesions?

2.)    If Link was so “unappealing”, why were Calista and Quendy fighting for his affection?

3.)    Do you think it was right of Titus to leave Violet in the state that she was in?

4.)    Was Titus ever really in love with Violet, or the idea of Violet being against the norm?


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