Presenting Ideas

Just had a cool thought that I would share with you all. I was thinking about how the characters in this novel are categorized by what their interests are and then the feed advertises to them based on those interests. All of our newsfeeds on social media websites do this, including facebook, twitter, pinterest, youtube etc. Do you think there could be a way to set the tone for our presentation by bombarding our class with advertisements so they get a feel for what it was like for our characters?

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2 Responses to Presenting Ideas

  1. jmitchell13 says:

    I think maybe during the prereading activity we could continually show commercials? Like…have five commercials ready on YouTube and just start playing them as they begin working. Of course they would then get time to work without them, but we would need to tie that right back into the pre-reading activity afterward, so if that is possible to do, I think it’s an awesome idea đŸ™‚

  2. stefunnylulu says:

    I think we should save the “bannering” or constant bombardment of advertisements until my activity during the mini lecture instead of the pre-reading. I don’t think it would be as effective while just taking a poll. Jenni or Neil, can either of you send me the advertisements you want to play so I can come up with an activity of some kind for my mini lecture?

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