New Checklist

Hello everyone,

Disregard the last checklist. I’m not updating it anymore. In light of Rebekah’s suggestions, I am combining what is left from the last checklist with the new changes:

1. Connections Page - CHECK.
-Editing Language / Restructuring - Check!
-List of connections in literature - Check! ( But feel free to add to it.)

2. Discussion Questions
-Suzanne's Reader Response Questions
-Suzanne's Reader Response Instructor Guide
-Allison's Critical Synthesis Instructor Guide

3. Vocabulary
-Page Numbers - Check!
-Ways to engage students in authentic ways (still making minor changes)

4. Final Book Study Projects
-2 for Suzanne

5. Final Project Assessment
-1 for Suzanne (in PDF form)
-Character Email PDF - Check!
-Facebook Character PDF - Check!

6. Links
-Passage Readings
-Book Trailer - Check!
-Book Review

7. Handouts
-PDF version for Kelsey - Check!
-PDF version for Suzanne
-PDF version for Teli - Check!
-PDF version for Allison - Check!
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3 Responses to New Checklist

  1. tjf117 says:

    I made my hand out a PDF

  2. tjf117 says:

    put up lesson plan and pre-reading PDFs

  3. tjf117 says:

    I added three films to connections page

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