Website’s Final Touches

Well, we are nearing the end of this project (YAHOOOOO!!) So, after Reilly posts her video she is going to make, all of the content will be up. We should probably run through the website one last time to see if there are things we can eliminate still (I got rid of the extra ‘stuff’ on the vocab. page like we talked about in Rebekah’s office), but if there is more we should cut, we probably should. If Reilly has more time to mess around with the hyperlinks, we might be able to get the hyperlink onto the word itself (again something discussed in Rebekah’s office), but if not, no biggie. All of the attachments are PDF’s, so we’re good there. That’s all I think is really left! =) Let me know what ya’ll think. This is due this Friday (12-7-12).

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4 Responses to Website’s Final Touches

  1. johnrobertdodd says:

    I’ll print off a new copy of all the pages and go over them again (I have to use a hard copy).

  2. reillyemaloney says:

    Hey i got the hyperlinks as the words itself to work! let me know if it isn’t working when you try it.

  3. reillyemaloney says:

    also on the connections page its hard to tell they are hyperlinks because they are the same color as the text, should we change the color of the text?

  4. anniesupalla says:

    Looks great!! I changed the links to blue, since most hyperlinks are blue anyways. One question though Reilly. On like the vocab. page and the final novel study pages, there are some areas (like the bookmarking section as one example) where it says *Please note, there is a handout to accompany this activity in our Handout section of the website.** Is there anyway to hyperlink that so you can click on the word “handout section” and it brings you right to it? If not, no biggie, just thought it might be helpful. Other than that, WE ARE DONEEEEEEEE =) YAYYYYY!!! haha great job everyone, I think it looks GREAT =)

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