I found the idea of technology ultimately being the thing that killed violet to be incredibly powerful and really made me think.  Current day we are not as reliant on technology as the characters in the book, thats obvious, yet it would nearly impossible to go a day without using some sort of technology.  This being said, I think it would be a very interesting project if students could use as little technology as possible maybe from like a monday to a friday.  The details would need to be drawn out very specifically and I feel a letter would need to be sent home to parents explaining the project and possibly even encouraging them to monitor there kids and ensure they are following along as much as possible.  I think as a teacher it would be worth while to have a discussion on how vastly inundated our everyday lives are with technology and have a group discussion on all of the technology they encounter each day that they may not even think of as technology.  While I feel television and radio are not necessary to restrict, I think it would be interesting to have them use the computer as little as they possibly can, give up their cell phones, ipods, tablets/ipads, and include nearly no technology in the classroom for the week as well.  I think it would be great to also try the challenge myself with the students (myself meaning if I was their teacher) so that I have the full experience as well.  Each day I would ask them to write a journal entry about the difficulties, feelings, reliefs, etc. and at the end of the week have them turn in the journals.  I don’t know just a thought : ) lemme know what you think!!

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