I updated the website checklist and the website. If you don’t like something let me know, otherwise it can stay!

I added:

two links and connections

authentic ways to engange in vocab

handout6 for pre-reading

unit plan section in introduction


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3 Responses to Update

  1. ajanacek says:

    The connections look good!

    I would suggest adding more information about the authentic ways to engage in vocab. Add how they are authentic. The ABC chart is a little unclear of how it applies. Would students just add words to the chart? If so, that’s not authentic. Also, the wording for number two sounds awkward. Instead, how about “Students will play word jeopardy. This game can be created on a PowerPoint and used on the Smart Board to introduce the words.” I really like the creative short story idea. : )

    I also think we need to reword part of the unit plan introduction. It seems a little wordy. Maybe say “We, four students in the Western Illinois University English Education program, suggest The House of Tomorrow should be taught in an eleventh grade English course. The four week unit will focus on Young Adult Literature, technology, and character analysis.”

  2. mimichica says:

    I agree with those changes, and I think you’ve done a great job of adding to the site, Teli. It’s really coming together!

  3. I agree with those changes I mean we’re working together so if something maybe needs o be switch around then just do so there is not an overload of information! It’s coming along really nicely Great Job Ladies!

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