John’s second assignment

What follows is my second final assessment.  Look it over and give it any feedback.  Reilly commented on my first assignment.  I will re-write it and this one (after I read your comments) on the Yola site on Wednesday.  Today and tomorrow are probably a no go for me (too many things due tomorrow).

The Future of Us ends with Emma and Josh in 1996, together, happy, and uncertain of what their future is going to be like in 2011.  They have had glimpses of possible futures but now Facebook is gone.  You will go farther than fifteen years in their futures and think about the rest of their lives.  You will be writing two obituaries: one for Emma and one for Josh.  Follow the sample obituaries that we looked at in class.  Think about how these characters’ lives would change over the years.  Write about what happened to them after 1996.  Also, think about how you would sum up these characters: who they are and how they lived their lives.



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2 Responses to John’s second assignment

  1. reillyemaloney says:

    This looks really good John. Good idea.

  2. anniesupalla says:

    I like this too. I don’t think you need to change anything. I’ll add it to our website today & if you do want to make changes, let me know and I’ll re-post it after you change it (only if you want because I think it’s fine as is!) =)

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