Website Feedback, take 2

So I know Reilly posted about what needed to be done to the website via our feedback, but there has been a lot done, so I thought I would make another post that has the most up-to-date changes.

Intro. Page: DONE =)

History: Reilly is working on citing her information, other than that, this page is done.

Connections Page: John, I know you said you fixed this, but I still don’t see (other than in the Butterfly Affect section) where the target grade/ages are listed. If you think that everything is appropriate for grade 9, you might want to add something like (Target Audience: Grade 9) before or after each connection to make this point very explicit. I am going to work on making the links hyper-links, but may need to ask Rebekah for help on that (unless you know how to Reilly).

Discussion Questions: I believe this is done. There does not seem to be ONE answer for any of the questions, so there is no instructor guide, but I did put a note at the bottom of each set of questions about the kinds of answers that would be appropriate. I am considering this page complete.

Character Sketches: Reilly has them on this website and will need to just transfer them to the yola website, and this page will be done.

Vocabulary: I changed some of the words, added page numbers, and defined all the words. This page is now complete.

Final Book Study Projects: I introduced what the goal of these are at the top and the rest I have kept the same. Once John has both of his done and edited, we can add those and this page will be done. John, Reilly had really great feedback on your one project, so I would think about that and then once you are done with editing that, we can add that on to the page.

Assessments: I made Reilly and my rubrics PDF files, but need help from Rebekah with Reilly’s because the format is weird. John, I know you sent me yours, but it says file error anytime I try to open it, so I have not been able to add it to our website. Other than those small issues, this page is done.

Links: I changed the order of the videos and deleted the PowerPoints from here. I also re-did my passage read, and hopefully this is more accurate of what we need to do. Reilly, you just need to post a book talk, passage read, OR trailer here and John, I still need the page numbers from your videos, if you decide to edit them, let me know and I’ll make the appropriate changes.

Handouts: We have the handouts on this page (I just added a fourth one), but we need to talk to Rebekah about the formatting of the handouts, because I am not sure what she wants. I think the descriptions are good & Reilly will edit the handouts from our presentation, and then can you upload them onto the website?

I have also added a little “intro” onto each individual page of the website, so that is done. After we address the above comments, we need to see where we can cut some things since it is too wordy. I am BAD at this, so any help in this area would be GREAT! =) Hopefully we can finish this bad boy by next week!

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2 Responses to Website Feedback, take 2

  1. johnrobertdodd says:

    FIrst off, the pages that the readings came from are: the two minute on is on page 313-314. The four minutes one was from pages 38-40. I don’t have a way of re-sending the rubric until Monday when I am on campus again, so that will have to wait until then (this computer at the Macomb library won’t let me do it).

    As far as what to cut, here are my suggestions. From History, cut the Internet, AOL, and Facebook sections. From Connections cut Sound of Thunder, Ultimate Frisbee, and the entire Style section. From discussion questions: Just put one note at the start of the questions rather than at every group of questions. From Vocabulary: cut coincidence, corrupted, hoax, and morph. In addition, on bookmarking, delete from “Since some students may claim they know all the words” to the end of that paragraph. From Vocabulary Concept Development, cut from “If this assignment was used independently,” to the end of that paragraph. From links, you can cut my two minute passage read since it’s under three minutes. From Handouts, cut the power point, if you haven’t done so yet. I don’t see anything that can be cut from the introduction, character sketches, final novel study project, or final project assessment.

    I’ll check back on Monday.

    BTW, I liked Annie’s passage reads!

  2. anniesupalla says:

    Thanks John! We made most of the changes you suggested. I didn’t cut the style connections because that was the only time we mentioned any books, so I thought that was important to keep. We also kept the history of AOL and Facebook since those both play a big part in the book, but we did delete the Internet history. When you check back, let us know if there is more you think we can cut to make it less wordy still. Thanks =)

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