Hi Folks,

Welcome to ENG 499: Teaching New Media in Secondary Schools. On this site you will find most of the information and resources you will need for this course. All course assignments and any additional readings, links, examples, or websites can all be found here. Take some time before the second class to navigate around the site. See if you have any questions. Make sure you can access information. Any updates, comments, or other interactions I have for you I will post in this Course Blog section.

When reading posts on the blog, you will read my most current posts first. If you miss something you should scroll through the blog to find information. In addition to responding to your reading groups and your peers’ other work on this site, you should also read and respond to blog posts I make as well. The more you interact with the site, the more you will learn and the better you will understand media literacy. If you found a cool new media tool–or something so confusing everyone should stay away from it; post it to the blog. If you’re having problems with a project and need help; post it to the blog. If you did something super cool; post it to the blog. Please ask questions as well–it’s a great way to learn.

If class is cancelled, if there are changes to the syllabus, or if there is anything else I need you to be aware of before we meet again, I will post it to the Course Blog, so use it often. Check it daily and become active users and producers–not just consumers–or media!